2019 Travelling Circus & The Loom @ Victoria Art Galley, Bath, England
2017 Moving Toys from Scotland – National Science Museum, Daejeon, Korea
2017 Mechanical Toys @ Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, China
2016 Mechanical Toys @ Guandong Science Centre, Guangzhou, China
2016 Witches Brouhaha @ Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Alloway, Scotland
2016 Merry-Go-World @ Thurso Library, Scotland
2015 Merry-Go-World @ Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Inverness, Scotland
2014 Travelling Circus @ Scottish Maritime Museum, Dumbarton, Scotland
2013 “A Man Came to a Woman” by Semyon Zlotnikov, joint production with Tron Theatre and Fittings Multimedia Art
2013 Gothic Kinetic @ 20-21 Gallery, Scunthorpe, England
2013 Travelling Circus @ Terryglass Art Festival, Ireland
2012 Travelling Circus @ St. Enoch’s Shopping Centre, Glasgow, Scotland
2012 The Great Magical Machine Show @ Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2011 Travelling Circus @ Drumchapel Shopping Centre, Glasgow, Scotland
2011 Gothic Kinetic @ Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Inverness, Scotland
2010 Dance of Machines @ Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2010 Gothic Kinetic @ An Lanntair, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland
2010 Travelling Circus @ Ross Halls, Glenrothes, Scotland
2009 Outdoor performance “Sputnik”, joint production with Fittings Multimedia Art
2009 Automata Theatre @ Granada Science Park, Granada, Spain
2009 Travelling Circus @ Howden Park Centre, Livingston, Scotland
2009 Travelling Circus & Gothic Kinetic @“Lille 3000”, Lille, France
2009 Travelling Circus & Gothic Kinetic @“Les Folies”, Maubeuge, France
2009 Travelling Circus & Gothic Kinetic @ London International Mime Festival, England
2009 Travelling Circus & Gothic Kinetic @ Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock, England
2008 Wheels of Life @ Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland
2008 Travelling Circus @ Cleethorpes Discovery Centre, England
2008 Travelling Circus @ Gloucester Museum, England
2008 PhantasieMechanik @ Phaeno, Wolfsburg, Germany
2007 Stage set for Theatre Workshop production of Samuel Beckett “Endgame”.
2007 Travelling Circus @ An Tobar, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland
2007 Travelling Circus @ Croydon Museum, England
2006 Travelling Circus @ Iona Gallery, Kinguissie, Scotland
2006 Travelling Circus @ Thurso Library, Scotland
2006 Travelling Circus @ Inverness Gallery and Museum, Scotland
2006 Travelling Circus @ Falkirk Museum, Scotland
2005 Travelling Circus @ An Lanntair, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland
2005 Movement and Shadows @ National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
2005 “The Druid Clock”, joint production of Sharmanka and Derevo Dance Theatre at the
Royal Museum, Edinburgh (funded by Eduard Bersudsky’s “Creative Scotland Award”)”
2004 Independent Art Festival @ Manezh, St.Petersburg, Russia
2002 Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre @ Theatre Museum, London, England
2002 Sharmanka Mechanical Sculptures @ Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
2002 Noah’s Ark @ London International Mime Festival, The National Theatre, London, England
1999 Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre @ National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
1999 Kabinet des Mechaniken @ Technorama Switzerland, Winterthur, Switzerland
1998 “Time of Rats” and others @ Music Festival “Moving on 98” Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast (presentation of CD “Bersudsky’s Machines” by Brian Irvine Ensemble) Ireland
1996 Puppets and Performing Objects in the 20th century @ Lincoln Centre, Library for Performing Arts, New York, USA
1996 Det Legende Menneske @ “Experimentarium”, Copenhagen, Denmark
1994 Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre @ City Art Galleries, Manchester, England
1994 Sharmanka: Russian Street-organ Theatre @ McLellan Galleries, Glasgow, Scotland
1993 Topos @ Grassi Museum, Leipzig, Germany
1993 Sharmanka Theatre @ Poppen & Muziek Festival, Neerpelt, Belgium
1991 Sharmanka Theatre @ Museum “From Music Clock to Street-Organ, Ontpoppen & Verbeelden Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands


2018 Flying Bull (built in 2012) acquired by Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, China
2017 Tam O Shanter, Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Scotland
2017 Raven, the collection Box Commissioned by Inverness Art Gallery and Museum, Scotland
2016 Am Beairt/The Loom. Commissioned by An Lanntair, Stornoway, Scotland
2010 Leonardo-2. Commissioned by Copernicus Science Museum, Warsaw, Poland
2009 Noah’s Ark (built in 2002) acquired by Granada Science Park, Spain
2009 Tower of Pisa (built in1996). Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
2009 The Gloveman. Commissioned by Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock, England
2007 Colmcille. Commissioned by An Tobar Art Centre, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland
2007 Rusty, the Magician. Commissioned by Callender House, Falkirk Museums, Scotland
2004 The Flight. Commissioned by Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
2004 “1946”. Museum of Non-Conformist Art, St.Petersburg, Russia
2002 St.Mungo-on-the-Tron. Tron Steeple, Glasgow. Commissioned by Glasgow Building Preservation Trust, Scotland
1999 The Millennium Clock (in collaboration with Tim Stead, Annica Sandström, Jürgen Tübbecke) National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. Funded by Millennium Festival Fund and included in permanent collection in 2004, Scotland
1999 Homage to Leonardo. Commissioned by Science Centre The Big Idea, Irvine, Scotland
1997 The World of Artist. Homage to Storm P. Commissioned by Storm P. Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
1996 The Old Viking. Experimentarium Science Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark
1994 Titanic. Acquired by Glasgow Museums for Gallery of Modern Art, Scotland
1993 Proletarian Greetings to Honourable Jean Tinguely from the Cradle of Three Revolutions, a set of three kinetic sculptures The Great Idea, Kremlin Dreamer, The Autumn Walk in the Belle Époque of Perestroika. (1990 – 1991) Acquired by Glasgow Museums for Gallery of Modern Art, Scotland


2018 Na cestě po Glasgow (On the way to Glasgow) – Czech Television travel series
2017 Beairteas na Beairt / Riches of the Loom, BBC ALBA
2015 Орел и решка (Heads or Tails), Ukrainian television travel series
2012 Urban Secrets with Alan Cumming (Season 1 Episode 8), BBC
2012 “Antique Road Show” BBC
2000 “The Millennium Clock” by Murray Grigor, BBC Scotland
1991 “Pole to Pole” with Michael Palin, BBC

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