Fittings Multimedia Arts | Sharmanka | 2005

Sputnik Performance

Sputnik in its first constellation was a large scale kinetic created by master sculptor Eduard Bersudsky and the Sharmanka team in collaboration with Fittings Artistic Director Garry Robson. The structure playfully riffed on the themes of time, ships, travel, the union of flesh and steel and the constancy of human hopes and dreams. When the machine had been built, dancer/aerialist Claire Cunnningham, working alongside choreographer Mish Weaver and with music by Leigh Stirling, created a movement piece exploring these themes in the context of the machine.


The resulting performance work Sputnik: A Project of Possibilities toured throughout the UK in 2009 to outdoor sites showing at major street festivals in London, Manchester, Brighton, Norwich, Glasgow, Stockton, Winchester, Bristol and in residency at The Bluecoat gallery in Liverpool. In its travels, it played to over 80,000 people and received many accolades from promoters and public alike:

“I loved every minute of it! Delightful, whimsical, fun and engaging piece.”

“Charming performance which appeals to the child in us all. Splendidly designed Heath-Robinson convertible contraption.”

Sputnik Performer

Director | Garry Robson

Design | Sharmanka

Lighting | Sergey Jakovsky

Sound | Leigh Stirling

Performer | Claire Cunningham